Alumni met Norbert Schramm in New York

A great evening event took place in New York on April 4th. Our New Yorker ambassador Katharina had invited the earlier German ice art runner Norbert Schramm as honour guest, in order to discuss with him and the New York alumni about the life as a competitive sportsmen. Sponsor of the evening was the German aligned chancellery Wuersch & Gering, ...[more]

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Our 10th support member: DIE ZEIT

Very recently our 10th support member, DIE ZEIT, joined our alumni association.We feel very honoured to welcome the publishing house with its high reputation in our association and are pleased about the stabilization of our scientific area coming with them. We are looking forward to develop our association together with DIE ZEIT and extending our a...[more]

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New support member: novem business applications GmbH

We are pleased to welcome a new support member in our association!With the company novem business applications GmbH we could win a great multiplicator and based on their practical experience we will realize many exciting meetings in the future and consequently extend our offers. In addition we will develop joint activities to develop our new locati...[more]

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General Meeting

This year’s General Meeting was held on Thursday, 28th of March. Although the meeting took place just before Easter a lot of members participated. Kai and Torsten reflected briefly what happened in 2012 and then we came to main topic of the evening: the election of the new board. After having cleared some necessary formalities the open election le...[more]

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Concepts for the selection of upcoming young talents

The alumni circle “Concepts for the selection of upcoming young talents” took place on 27th of March. After having postponed this event already once, we faced no the problem “Wednesday before Easter” – only a handful of members were present. Nonetheless alumna Jennifer Rolle presented the different concepts in a fascinating and profound way coveri...[more]

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Beyond the Average

“Beyond the Average” was presented by Matthias Lischke on Wednesday the 20th of March. Obviously the theme of the day sounded very interesting – the meeting room was crowded. The presentation of Matthias provoked the interactions we would like to have in this format. But apart from the 13 golden rules for being successful we had a lengthy discussi...[more]

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Celebration of the new attorney graduates

We had the occasion to introduce our activities at the celebration event of the new attorney graduates on January 23rd. Our CEO Torsten Hönisch gradulated them and expressed his best wishes for their future. Furthermore he talked about the added value of Almumni Universität Hamburg for them, especially with ESCHE SCHÜNEMANN COMMICHAU and White &am...[more]

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Regular’s Table in New York

Whoever was not there really missed something. Thanks to an insider’s hint we met in a Belgium pub and restaurant 508 in Greenwich.Although it started to snow already, quite a few found their braving the upcoming winter storm “Saturn”. Some of them were joining us first time – even two “guest alumni” from Hamburg and L.A.. The guy from Hamburg will...[more]

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Alumni-Circle: Unified Communication

How do we avoid the collapse of our today’s communication? This was the main theme of our alumni meeting at February, 27th being provided by our alumnus Rolf Wildhack. The round of introduction already demonstrated the diversity of the issue. After Rolf’s presentation we immediately had a very lively discussion about the chances and risks of the p...[more]

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Alumni Culture – the art of restoration

Thanks to our new alumni art committee we had the chance to take an exclusive look into the “Atelier für Konservierung und Restaurierung”. Famous artists like Lyonel Feininger, Max Pechstein and Arthur Illies were examples on which the restorer Feertje Foth demonstrated the tools and measures being applied in order to bring back the original color...[more]

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Report from Chicago about the theme night "Bundestagswahl 2013"

Dear Alumni, we met on October 3rd, the day of the German reunion at the company TranzAct Technologies in Elmhurst together with Alumnus Lowell Culver, author of the book "The Road to Democracy in Germany".   It was very interesting and teaching evening. Lowell gave us an overview about the political development in Germany since 19...[more]

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Alumni Special with the CFO of the HOYER Group

This year we had the pleasure to welcome the CFO and managing director of the HOYER Group, Gerd Peter, who presented an impressing lecture about “financing strategies for family drivencompanies”.   The international logistics enterprise HOYER belongs to the world market leaders of liquid transportation on road, rail and sea. The holding compa...[more]

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Great Alumni tour through the Container Harbour of Hamburg

This was the second time now, that alumnus Christian Lorenz had invited us for a exclusive harbour tour, which was sponsored by the HLLA. All participants were excited about the closeness to harbour, ships and rehandling operations – same as at the first time.  Christian again was our professional guide and we learned a lot about history, im...[more]

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Report about the meeting in Los Angeles

Dear Alumni, Our meeting yesterday at the „Bierstube“ of the Phoenix Club in Anaheim was very nice and cosy. On the menu we could find well known German dishes like Jäger- and Paprikaschnitzel, Strammer Max and Gebratener Leberkäs with roasted onions. And of course we had some  Hefeweizen. We exchanged views about our time in Hamburg and rea...[more]

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Report about the Social Media Meeting on September 5th in New York

Dear Alumni, On September 5th our group in New York had a great evening with Ivo Boettcher at the New Yorker Goetheinstitut. Ivo startet off with a short review about his professional carreer, especially about the time, when was working for the United Nations. In this time he was again and again confronted with the topics Social Media and the cons...[more]

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