Report from Chicago about the theme night "Bundestagswahl 2013"

Dear Alumni, we met on October 3rd, the day of the German reunion at the company TranzAct Technologies in Elmhurst together with Alumnus Lowell Culver, author of the book "The Road to Democracy in Germany".   It was very interesting and teaching evening. Lowell gave us an overview about the political development in Germany since 19...[more]

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Alumni Special with the CFO of the HOYER Group

This year we had the pleasure to welcome the CFO and managing director of the HOYER Group, Gerd Peter, who presented an impressing lecture about “financing strategies for family drivencompanies”.   The international logistics enterprise HOYER belongs to the world market leaders of liquid transportation on road, rail and sea. The holding compa...[more]

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Great Alumni tour through the Container Harbour of Hamburg

This was the second time now, that alumnus Christian Lorenz had invited us for a exclusive harbour tour, which was sponsored by the HLLA. All participants were excited about the closeness to harbour, ships and rehandling operations – same as at the first time.  Christian again was our professional guide and we learned a lot about history, im...[more]

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Report about the meeting in Los Angeles

Dear Alumni, Our meeting yesterday at the „Bierstube“ of the Phoenix Club in Anaheim was very nice and cosy. On the menu we could find well known German dishes like Jäger- and Paprikaschnitzel, Strammer Max and Gebratener Leberkäs with roasted onions. And of course we had some  Hefeweizen. We exchanged views about our time in Hamburg and rea...[more]

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Report about the Social Media Meeting on September 5th in New York

Dear Alumni, On September 5th our group in New York had a great evening with Ivo Boettcher at the New Yorker Goetheinstitut. Ivo startet off with a short review about his professional carreer, especially about the time, when was working for the United Nations. In this time he was again and again confronted with the topics Social Media and the cons...[more]

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Regular’s Table in Chicago

Dear Alumni, on Thursday, the 5. of Septembers we met again at the Berghoff in Chicago. We had a nice evening and became even witnesses of the taping of the beer drum – the beginning of the “Oktoberfest” at the Berghoff. barrel notice the opening of the Octoberfest of this year in let us mountain-hope. WGN radio reported live about this and of cou...[more]

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Speech by alumna and managing director of the donation Elbphilharmonie

At August 22nd ESCHE SCHÜMANN COMMICHAU on of our sustaining members offered us some of their rooms with a phanatastic view on Hamburg’s harbor. The reason for this event was a speech about the donation Elbphilharmonie e.V.delivered by Wibke Kähler-Siemssen. Wibke bald Siemssen, Alumna of the University of Hamburg and managing director of the dona...[more]

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Alumni Sailing, Chilling and BBQ

With very nice late summer weather just before the autumn officially starts we met at one of the greatest places in Hamburg: the Alster. Two hours of sailing on the Alster, afterwards in some relaxing in the deckchairs of the sailing school Pieper. We had an almost luxery BBQ. For the experienced sailes amongst us the wind was not really a chall...[more]

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Kick-off Alumni Meeting in San Francisco

The kick-off meeting of the Alumni in San Francisco took place on the 27th of August.   More than 10 participants met spontaneously in the restaurant Palomino having a nice view onto the harbor. The place had been perfectly selected by by Alumna Heike and the expectations for such a first spontaneous meeting had been exceeded. The background ...[more]

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Alumni Cirkel: Resources – Conflicts of the future

Our Alumni circle on the 21st of August was kind of a special one. An exciting topic, a highly engaged student host team and a step into the international UN simulation in Hamburg. A mixture making the evening rich in content and humanly valuable. For us it was a premiere that a circle topic, in this case with Stella Schaller, was moderated by a st...[more]

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Celebration of Language, Literature and Media Graduates

On the 31st of January we invited to the celebration of the graduates of departments Sprache, Literatur, Medien I and II, last but not least in order to present our alumni association. Our alumna Anke Tapken congratulated some  70 Bachelor-, Master- and promotions students and expressed her best wishes for their future. The official part was f...[more]

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China Time 2014 - Kick Off

The kick off meeting for the China Time 2014 took place on the 10th of February followed by a welcome of the Senate. Alumni University of Hamburg was also present.  Every two years China Time takes place and underlines with a variety of events the good relations between Hamburg and China. During the kick-off meeting all participants presented...[more]

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1st anniversary of the Alumni group in Chicago

Dear Alumni and cooperation partners,  On the 30th of January we celebrated the 1st anniversary of our group in Chicago. The evening was planned and organized by our ambassadors Manuel Fuentes and Tobias Langer.  An unforgettable evening!  Almost 30 Alumni and guests had appeared; among them the director of the Goethe Institute, one...[more]

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Jubilee in New York

Dear Alumni, the group in New York celebrated their second anniversary on the 30th of January 2014. Due to the connections of Alumna Trixie we had the Penthouse on the 38th floor of the Rockefeller Housing completely just for us.  The room was perfect for this kind of event and we had an impressive view on the East River and Downtown. Thanks ...[more]

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Christmas Meeting in Chicago

Christmas meeting in Chicago on December 5th. We met at the end of an eventful year at the German Christmas Market at the Daley Plaza.  Due to the unpleasant temperatures we preferred enjoy our glow wine inside the tent. The Bratwurst, the white sausage and the Kasslerbraten tasted also good. Again it was a nice evening with a nice bunch of a...[more]

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