Alumni Universität Hamburg e.V.

We connect alumni with current students and, by bringing the two groups together, we create a link to the life of the University and to the people who attend it. We offer an interdisciplinary community which generates ideas out of great conversations and turns these ideas into diverse projects that enrich Hamburg, our university and all participants.


Our Goals

The purpose of our Association is to promote research, instruction and education. Our driving force is our enthusiasm for our cause. We want to promote students, connect alumni and promote international exchange. We want to build bridges between theoretical research and practice as well as between Hamburg and the world.

We want to make sure that former members of the University are able to stay in connection with their alma mater - and with each other - in the spirit of a long-term 'friendship'.

Through our other offers, we create opportunities to network, meet up and get involved. We are building a living network which radiates into the City of Hamburg and out into the world.